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Today, it has become essential for applications to be integrated with others. Each of the application has its own protocols, data formats, and has been developed with a different technology. The process involved to integrate these applications which is a critical and tough task and can be done only with prior expertise. It needs proper planning, modelling in a standardized manner and should be supported by automatic tests.

The most common and widely used frameworks are available in the JVM environment that includes Mule ESB, Spring Integration and Apache Camel. There is a difference with respect to the configurations of each end point and the integrations are done in the same way and underlies same syntax, API and same automatic tests. Typically and interestingly all these frameworks are open source and offer required features such as error handling, automatic testing, transactions, multithreading etc.

Significance of Each of the Integrations (Mule, Spring and Camel):

• Mule is known to excel and handle complex integrations, SOA scenarios and strategies and is highly useful for applications that need massively scalable messaging for mission critical high throughput environments

• Spring integration takes an application centric approach and it offers excellent integration between Spring applications and many organizations have rebuilt their entire infrastructure with it.

• Apache Camel is awesome due to its Java, Groovy and Scala DSL’s and is combined with many supported technologies.

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Delfers team of System Integration experts have hands on experience with all the three and as they are all light weight, can be used for any complex integration projects. Based on the client application, our experts decide the type of integration to be taken up and perform it with diligence. We perform Mule ESB and Spring Framework integrations and have done successful deployments. We choose the right tool for the right job.

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